As with any new activity or decision (and ESPECIALLY one that involves money!), you wouldn’t begin without at least becoming a bit familiar with the subject, the rules involved, the choices available, and all sorts of other important details related to the activity. Well, gambling, and the online variety in particular, is no exception to this rule. In fact, we STRONGLY encourage you to gather as much information as possible before making any wagers or joining any online casino sites. This will help you in the long run as well as the short term.

Lucky for you, sites like ours here at are perfect starting points, we are preparing the new casino room review every month. Furthermore, and more specifically, as you will see with the lessons that follow, our gambling school is also a solid springboard from which to begin the information seeking process.

Begin with our school. Go through the lessons and follow the links within the texts for more information on some of the topics mentioned. After you’ve read and absorbed our lessons, check out our categories and editorials for even more nuanced and in-depth info. The goal is for you to be as well-prepared as possible, and thus, as comfortable as can be, before you make that first wager and while you grow as a gambler. The more familiar you are with the choices, the industry, the games, and the issues involved, the more successful (i.e. = enjoyable experience) you’ll be.

Check out casino room review, message boards, and sites devoted to rules and strategy. Also, if you’d like to complement the knowledge you gain from our site and the internet, ask friends about their experiences; check out newspaper articles re: the industry; and/or, select a few books perhaps that might provide even more in-depth information. For your convenience we’ve selected and reviewed a few such books on our site. Remember: the more information you have going in…the better your initial and subsequent experiences will be!

What do I need to begin?

Well, it goes without saying that “to begin”, more than anything else you need a solid knowledge base and sufficient comprehension of the rules and choices involved. From a more practical standpoint, however, there are other more basic and practical things you’ll need as well in casino room review….

Hardware Requirements

Basically with the specifications listed below, you’ll have everything needed to access 99% of the sites and software associated with online gambling.

A good rule of thumb (and this applies to those of you with Macs as well) is that if you’ve purchased your computer in the past 4 years, you more than likely have all the specs you need and shouldn’t have to worry about anything at all.

After finishing our first 5 introductory lessons, check out our getting started section for more information regarding hardware set-up and processes.